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about me 

Hey you!


Some call me Charlie, some call me Carolyn, but either way, welcome to my world. I am a writer and podcaster curious about all things related to sexuality and spirituality. Currently, I am the host of "Body and Wine Podcast, Conversations on Sex and Spirituality." I am also currently writing a book on related topics addressed in the podcast.

For those interested in some of my previous artistic work, feel free to explore the links below. From exploring personal journeys of spirituality and sexuality to indigenous solidarity in Canada to addressing human rights abuses in Palestine, to capturing refugee resettlement stories in Southern Ontario, there is one thing that remains certain - I hope you find something that stirs you.


If you are inspired to get in touch for absolutely anything, feel free! Check out my contact page. Regardless of your experience, I hope you discover some gems in your day today!


And do feel free to share the podcast! ;)



- Charlie 



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